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„The grandest during the production of wines is that above all you learn to wait“ Jean Monnet (french business man and politician, 1888-1979)


From the grape to wine


Depending on the weather conditions and vines the harvest usually begins in September and can last until November.

Because the Anselmann winery emphasizes on high quality, damaged grapes are separated on-site. After the harvest the grapes are brought to the grape reception and emptied into a stainless steel trough. A machine that separates the grapes from the stems and a vibrating table ensure that only clean grapes are further processed.

This “de-stemming” ensures that the phenols contained in the stems do not get into the wine. The vibrating table ensures an absolutely clean separation of the grapes from the stems. In the next step the grapes reach the 4 identical membrane presses of the winery.

The pneumatic pressing is the most careful way to get the grape juice. The grape skins are found at the bottom of the press. The grape juice has to be filtered through a natural filter and is again cleaned during this process.

After the pressing the must is filled into stainless steal tanks. The fermentation process is controlled, regulated and documented by computer with the most advanced technology.

This way the fermentation process can run constantly until the noble wine is matured.

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